A FORMER town centre Wetherspoon pub is set to reopen its doors under new ownership. 

The Market Cross, in Holywell, recently closed its doors after J D Wetherspoon sold the site to a new owner. 

And the pub, which will remain named as The Market Cross, is set to reopen its doors next week. 

Lucas Jokiel, area manager for the company that specialises in taking on former Wetherspoon pubs, said: "All being well we hope to open this coming Monday. It will very much be similar to the Wetherspoon. There will be cheap food and drinks, only about 30p more expensive than before. The only difference will be some entertainment and music on the weekend.

"The pub was in great condition so we haven't really had to do any work to it. The majority of the staff are the ones that worked here when it was a Wetherspoon."

Lucas said the reaction from the community to the news that it will reopen shows how valued a facility it is.

"Every five minutes someone is coming in asking when it will reopen," he said. "And our website has already had 13,000 hits, which is phenomenal. It shows that it was a real community pub and we can't wait to welcome people back. 

"It will be much the same, and better, than it was before."