POLICE in North Wales are urging residents to be vigilant of 'cuckooing' in their communities.

Cuckooing involves a gang taking over a vulnerable person's address whereby they deal drugs out of it.

Addressing residents, a spokesperson said: "We're aware that you've got your ears to the ground and know a lot more about your community than we do.

"We visit with the most vulnerable in the community that we know of to try and prevent them being cuckoo'd - but there may be people that we don't know about.

"So have you noticed comings and goings from a neighbours house? Suddenly not seeing your neighbour as much as you thought?

"Is someone you know suddenly unwell like their medication has been taken from them?"

Police say people can provide information to them anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

They added: "Message us on social media, use community alert or online reports etc. Even if you think it's nothing, please contact us because it may be a piece to a jigsaw that we're missing."