THREE PEOPLE were rescued from the bottom of an Eryri mine and cave yesterday (May 6), after getting lost on a trip.

North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation were called to reports of three people stuck in the Croesor-Rhosydd mines and caves.

Rescue team members, with assistance from Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team, were  deployed after midnight to commence the search.

Rhyl Journal: The team heading home as the sun rises.The team heading home as the sun rises. (Image: North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation)

One of the missing persons was found at the bottom of the first pitch in Croesor having retreated from the Rhosydd side of the system. 

He explained that the party had been unable to find their way out of Rhosydd and that he had decided to return in order to raise the alarm. 

Unfortunately, on reaching the last pitch up he discovered that the rope they had descended was no longer there and that the other rope present had been pulled part way up the pitch and was unreachable. 

A message was relayed to the surface and a second NWCRO team entered Rhosydd and quickly located the other two members of the party and escorted them to surface, just as the sun was rising.

A NWCRO spokesperson added: “On further investigation we found that the group had made use of a rope installed by another group doing the through trip that day. 

“After completing their trip this group had returned via the surface and removed their rope, accidentally pulling up the in-situ rope, which was noted to be in poor condition.

“If you are contemplating this trip please do not rely on any equipment that you may find and take your own. 

“It's also a really good idea to recce the route from the Rhosydd side to ensure that you know the way out.”