A FREEDOM of Information request has revealed the amount of convictions made following motorists exceeding the speed limit on new 20mph roads in Rhyl.

In April, the Journal asked North Wales Police to disclose the number of convictions for speeding on roads in North Wales which became 20mph speed limit roads from September 17, 2023.

North Wales Police responded today (May 1) with statistics correct as of April 29.

It documented 192 speeding offences caught by cameras, and 24 officer-issued offences across North Wales.

Rhyl was the only town in Denbighshire to feature on the full list.


Protest takes place in Rhuddlan in opposition to 20mph speed limits

Convoy in protest against 20mph to ride through Rhyl and Prestatyn

Bodelwyddan hit by spate of vandalism to new 20mph signs

“We have taken ‘convictions’ to mean cases where notices of intended prosecutions have been sent,” North Wales Police added.

The speeding offences caught on camera in Rhyl were all on the A548 Russell Road/Rhyl Coast Road, and were as follows:

  1. 35mph, April 12
  2. 30mph, April 12
  3. 28mph, April 12
  4. 28mph, April 12
  5. 28mph, April 12
  6. 27mph, April 12
  7. 29mph, April 12
  8. 27mph, April 12
  9. 31mph, April 12
  10. 31mph, April 12
  11. 28mph, April 12
  12. 29mph, April 12
  13. 31mph, April 12

The officer-issued offences in Rhyl, meanwhile, were:

  1. Vale Road, Rhyl – February 6
  2. West Parade, Rhyl – February 23
  3. A548 Russell Road/Rhyl Coast Road, Rhyl – April 24

The 20mph speed limit on the A548 Russell Road/Rhyl Coast Road came into effect on March 29.

Welsh Government introduced the changes following a review of driver behaviour, the response to previous changes, and evidence of road safety risk.

In April, a Rhuddlan protest and Denbighshire-wide convoy was held in opposition to the 20mph limits, meanwhile.

From September 17, 2023 most roads in Wales that had 30mph speed limits became 20mph, with then-First Minister, Mark Drakeford, insistent that it will reduce crashes and save lives.