THE organiser of Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza 2024 has put out an emotional statement ahead of this year's event. 

This year's extravaganza, which runs between May 4 and 6, will not have a parade again, which has disappointed director/chairman Chris Williams.

Chris took took the event's Facebook page to highlight how much effort goes into the free event, which is organised by volunteers.

He said: "I hope you are all looking forward to this year’s event, sadly I am not. This has been my favourite weekend of the year since I can remember, it brings back lovely memories of times spent with my family and closest friends.

"It breaks me that we can’t deliver an event that makes Llandudno proud and keeps everyone happy. The fact we won’t have a parade again makes me die a little more inside.

"Everyone has advice and opinions but not many work year round to actually put this event on. I’ve been involved over 20 years now that’s over half my life through good times and bad times. It never gets any easier and I’m not sure people really understand who runs the event.

"We are volunteers, not a paid event company, not town council or county council. All the money to run the event is raised by us, the liability of the event rests on mine and my wife’s [Claire] shoulders just as it does for the landlord of a licensed premises (that’s a lot of responsibility). We don’t see the event like everyone else, in fact my wife hardly has the opportunity to see it as most of the weekend she keeps everything running from event control.

"Our kids don’t get to choose how to enjoy the weekend or anything else for the months leading up its work or Extravaganza.

"We have to deal with everything and sometimes we simply can’t. I have done this because I love Llandudno and the extravaganza, I remember that as a kid seeing the rides and engines coming to town was the best thing ever and without the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza there aren’t many events in Llandudno anymore (it’s special).

"Unfortunately the magic has gone, it’s taken to much of our lives and the lack of people’s understanding has taken its toll."

Chris said there had been a lot of challenges to deal with ahead of this year's event.

"We have had to work twice as hard for this year’s event and face all of the hurdles with added challenges," he said.

"The event needs real support, I have a plan but it needs more people, more business and Conwy County Borough Council to support Llandudno’s biggest family event.


"Next year marks 40 years and we can bring the parade back.

"My spark and love for the event is still in me and I want to make an event that makes everyone proud but we can no longer do it with so little real support.

"Enjoy this year and I hope we can get everyone behind 2025 instead of saying goodbye."

Residents responded in their droves and posted comments in support of Chris and his family.

One person said: "I don't think many people understand the amount of time and worry involved in organising a major event like the extravaganza. You have my understanding and sympathy."

Another person said: "I think everyone that’s been involved with the organising of the event since its inception should be delighted with what they’ve accomplished. And those of you who have managed to keep it going over the past decade despite the increase in the many barriers put in your way should feel extremely proud of that.

"The fact that nobody is willing to step up and take over the responsibility of putting on the event is testament to how insanely massive a task it is, and it is an insanely massive task. You guys have put your reputations, businesses, personal relationships, and finances on the line to bring Llandudno and the immediate surrounding area something special. And despite what the naysayers post online - who, let’s be honest, have no clue what it takes to make the event happen - you’ve succeeded.

"You guys deserve a break. And if that means Llandudno misses out, then so be it. Llandudno misses out. You’ve done your bit."

Another said: "As a volunteer, with the steam crew, I travel 175-miles (from Northampton) to get to Llandudno to help out. I remember a comment last year (maybe year before) from someone moaning, someone else suggested why don't they volunteer, and they said 'no thanks its a trek from Chester!' Most of us steam team travel from all over to help put show on."

Another posted: "Everyone should be thanking you for all your efforts over many years. It is a massive responsibility and very hard work.

"I hope you can continue for the 40th and that it will have the parade and be wonderful. Meanwhile, anyone who criticises your efforts should try volunteering to help run the event."

Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza is Wales' largest free family event. It takes over the main streets of Llandudno for full three days and brings vintage attractions, entertainment and a fun fair to the town.

In 2023, the parade was cancelled due to "money and manpower".