A CONCERT is to be held at Rhyl Town Hall next month featuring music focusing on issues currently facing both Wales and Canada.

Organised by Rhyl Music Club and funded by arts councils in both countries, this will take place on Wednesday, May 29, starting at 7.30pm

Tickets are priced at £10 each and can be bought on the door from 6.45pm.


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Ensemble Paramaribo is joined by baritone Jeremy Huw Williams in Claire Victoria Roberts, Tynged yr Iaith ('The Fate of the Language’); William Mathias, Sonatina, Op. 98; Claude Vivier, Paramirabo; and Paul Frehner, Horizon: Madog (staged opera).

Claire Roberts and Paul Frehner have composed new works which highlight current issues in both Wales and Canada, these being the Welsh and French languages, and also questions about climate change into the future.

Stephen Leeder, of Rhyl Music Club, said: “Claire is an exciting young Welsh composer, instrumentalist and vocalist; she fuses folk, jazz and classical in her compositions.

“Paul Frehner is a Canadian composer who writes contemporary concert music and electroacoustic music.

“Claire has written about ‘the fate of the language’ from a Welsh viewpoint, but the same issue applies in Quebec, Canada in particular, where attempts to keep French at the forefront are difficult.

“Madog refers to a Welsh Prince from 800 years ago who supposedly sailed to Canada from Llandrillo - Rhos on Sea.

“A modern-day descendant of Madog imagines a new ‘sailing into the future’, rather than an unknown location, in connection with concerns about our future world at a time of increasing climate change.”

For more information, visit Rhyl Music Club’s website.