THE interim headteacher of a school in Rhyl said it was put into lockdown today (April 25) due to a “credible threat to a pupil” from an “intruder”.

Christ the Word Catholic School, on Cefndy Road, was briefly in a “lockdown situation” this afternoon.

Shortly before 3pm today, North Wales Police officers responded to reports of “suspicious behaviour” near the school.


Rhyl school put in lockdown today following incident

Rhyl school in lockdown today – police release statement

In an email sent to parents at 4.30pm and shown to the Journal, the school’s interim headteacher, Bernadette Thomas, shed more light on the matter.

Mrs Thomas wrote: “Thank you and your children for your patience and understanding today.

“Following a credible threat to a pupil from outside of school, we made the decision to put the school into a lockdown situation. 

“This was to ensure that nobody could enter the building, but also to keep our pupils inside, as we believed there was an intruder within the school vicinity.

“We apologise that this information did not get to you in time for school pick-up. We had to act quickly and decisively as it was already close to the end of the school day.

“Police were called immediately and they attended offering supporting and advice. 

“With their assistance, we were able to confirm that it was safe to release pupils and the lockdown was lifted.

“We understand that this situation may have been stressful for your child and hope that you can reassure them this evening that they were and are safe in school. 

“We also understand that this may have been stressful for yourselves outside of the building, but am sure that you would agree that the safety of the pupils comes first and this was our main priority.”

At 2.57pm, a text sent to parents and shown to the Journal, read: “We are in a full lockdown. Everything is under control.

“Please avoid school site until further notice.”

This, the parent said, was followed by another text at 3.09pm saying: “Lockdown is over. Please collect your children from the normal exit.”

Chief Inspector David Cust said: “It’s understandable there may be concerns, however we don’t believe there to be any risk to the school or the public, but we will continue to have a high presence in the area.

“Anyone with information that could assist with our enquiries is asked to contact us on 101, or via the website, quoting reference number Q057681.”

Another parent said that the school grounds had “security guards and police around it, and cars couldn’t enter”.

A third added: “Apparently, it’s safe according to the school, but I won’t be sending my kids in tomorrow.”