A TEENAGER in Rhyl captured the moment her pasty was stolen by a seagull on camera, resulting in an incredible photograph.

Earlier this month, Lily Fiveash, 15, was on her walk to work having just bought a pasty, her usual routine on the commute.

As she took her first bite, a seagull snatched the pasty – but not before Lily could get photo evidence of the robbery, with her and the seagull sharing the pasty for a brief moment.

Rhyl Journal: Lily Fiveash and the seagull bite into her pasty.Lily Fiveash and the seagull bite into her pasty. (Image: Lacey Berry)

“Every Saturday on her way to work, Lily gets a pasty from the Pound Bakery,” her mum Lacey told the Journal.

“She got her usual chicken pasty when her friend sent her a picture so Lily was sending one back of her taking her first bite of pasty – and hey presto, seagull!

“Timing couldn’t have been better, Lily was left with just the wrapper.

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“She found it funny, especially because of the photo, but she has said she won’t be getting her pasty on the way to work anymore.”

Lacey said this was not the first time he daughter had been in a scuffle with a seagull, having had a burger stolen by one when she was little.

The pair also witnessed a group of gulls “playing tug-of-war” with a child’s pasty later that day.