A FISH believed to be an adult harbour porpoise was found washed up on Rhyl Beach last weekend.

Kim Caffrey was having an evening walk with her daughter and dog on the beach at about 6pm on Saturday (April 20) when she spotted the creature, on the stretch of the beach between SC2 and Rhyl Harbour.

She said she did not report it to any organisation, believing it to have simply been “a sad act of nature”.


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Frankie Hobro, director and owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo, said that, based on the above pictures Kim provided, the creature was an adult harbour porpoise.

Kim said: “We were all crunching in the massive amounts of flat shell that had been washed up in an unusual way and amount. It was definitely more than a metre long.

“Then, we came across this poor little thing in a horrid state. It was upsetting, especially for our little girl.

“We're regular beach walkers, and have noticed a big change in the amount of different items and sea life being washed up.”