A MAGICAL mermaid is hoping to bring joy to poorly children in hospital.

Tyler Turner, of Prestatyn, who won the title of of Miss Mermaid Wales 2019, is hoping to put on a fin-tastic day when she visits the children's ward at Glan Clwyd Hospital with her fellow sea-dwelling creature next Tuesday (April 30).

Tyler, the daughter of Welsh Hollywood actor Spencer Wilding who starred as Darth Vader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, said: "The children are going to get to see some real life mermaids! They will be able to talk to us about what it is like to be a mermaid and we are also going to make a donation. We've had donations from Tesco and Morrisons of plates and bowls as they go through so much sterilisation, and they are really low on stock, so I said let me wrangled up the community and see what we can do.

Rhyl Journal: Tyler picks up the bowls and plates donated by Tesco PrestatynTyler picks up the bowls and plates donated by Tesco Prestatyn (Image: Tyler Turner / Submitted)
"There will be two of us going and two helpers that will wheel us round.

"I'm really looking forward to going. It is really magical when I can bring a smile to children's faces, especially ones that are poorly. Such early on in life they shouldn't be poorly but we do what we can and go and volunteer our time to cheer up kids. Not just kids - but adults as well, to bring a bit of happiness."

This is Tyler's first visit to the hospital. She has visited schools previously.

She said: "This is our first to the hospital. It will be lovely and I'm hoping there will be a good turn out."

Rhyl Journal: Tyler is going for the title of Miss Ocean World United Kingdom in JuneTyler is going for the title of Miss Ocean World United Kingdom in June (Image: Tyler Turner / Submitted)
Asked what kind of questions children usually ask her, Tyler replied: "What do we eat? And they want to know how we can breathe out of water. We do try and educate young people, saying that we are technically mammals too like seals. 

"Sometimes they will see me with legs and they will ask me 'how did you get your legs back' and I will reply, 'well my tail dries and I grow legs'. When the children feel our tails they can feel bones so it is all educational and it uses their imaginations as well. They can apply the knowledge that they learn to real life animals."

Tyler, who is the founder of Dŵr Tail-North Wales Mermaid Pod, will be visiting Morrisons on Friday to pick up their donation; she will be taking her tail with her!

Rhyl Journal: Tyler with her fellow mermaids!Tyler with her fellow mermaids! (Image: Tyler Turner)
"I don't do anything half-heartedly," Tyler said.

"If I'm going to do it, I put in full effort."

Tyler has been mermaid for about seven years. She is going for the title of Miss Ocean World United Kingdom in June. If she wins, she will get to represent the whole of UK internationally.

"I want to continue with mermaiding," Tyler said.

"The longer I do it, the more I realise I will never stop. When I do school visits - the children really listen. I say to them 'I want you to be part of my mermaid crew and help my animal friends'. I can educate them about plastic and more.

"I get parents saying they have done litter picks so it does make a difference. Families can bond together and help the environment. 

"There is only so much a document or a leaflet can tell you. If it is a beloved character that you have grown up with, it can motivate children."

Schools or businesses interested in having a visit from Tyler can email Missmermaidwales2019@gmail.com