Wales' Secretary for Transport has said he will be looking to make “targeted change” to 20mph zones in Wales.

The change of speed limits in built up areas to be 20mph in Wales, which came into effect last year, was one of the most controversial over the last two years.

The move brought in by previous First Minister Mark Drakeford, led to much opposition locally – even leading to civil disobedience and vandalism of the new 20mph signs.

The Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport, Ken Skates, will outline his transport priorities, including plans for 20 mph, in the Senedd tomorrow (April 23).

Rhyl Journal: Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport, Ken SkatesCabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport, Ken Skates (Image: Welsh Government)

And in a statement preceding the announcement, Mr Skates said “listening is the immediate priority” on 20mph.

Mr Skates will outline a potential rolling back of the policy in the Senedd tomorrow and added that “the Welsh Government will listen to the people of Wales and work in partnership with councils to deliver targeted change to the 20mph implementation.”

The rollout of the 20mph zones across Wales has been controversial in North Wales.

There have also been instances of vandalism of 20mph signs and protests have been staged..

An anti-20mph petition has was signed by hundreds of thousands of people - making it by far the most signed in Senedd history.

New First Minister Vaughan Gething said at the end of last year: “I'm a dad, I have a primary school aged son, I'm much more happy for him to ride his bike on a road where I know that people are going to be driving slower and he's much more likely not to be hit or to get up if he does get a bump on the road.

"What we do need to do though is listen to the public and to think about the tone in which we've talked about and described the policy.

"That also means we've got to give people an opportunity to say specifically what they would like to see change."

Responding, Natasha Asghar MS, Shadow Transport Minister, said: “Whilst I am waiting with bated breath to hear the Cabinet Secretary outline his transport priorities, I fear all this talk of changes to the government’s flawed 20mph scheme is just another example of Labour ministers paying lip service.

“Ministers might be making all of the right noises on 20mph, but if the Cabinet Secretary is serious about listening to the people of Wales, then he will accept that this law was a terrible mistake and repeal it.

“Only the Welsh Conservatives would scrap this disastrous law and get Wales moving.”