THE WELSH Government says it is looking at road safety improvements at an A55 junction.

Emergency services were called to an incident last week on the slip road at J32 Holywell after a car came off the road.

Some motorists have raised concerns about the safety of the slip road.

In an A55 discussion group on Facebook, one person said: "The slip road is too short and is dangerous. I have complained to the highways agency as there is at least one or two accidents a month there."

Another added: "I find this slip road dangerous. The hatched markings go on too long and there isn't enough space to safely join the carriageway - it needs looking at."

Stuart Walker, a driving instructor, said: "Cars are picking up speed but running out of space. The slip road is too short and needs lengthening. The hatched markings could be removed but then that creates two lanes and the possibility of dangerous overtakes.

"The A55 is out of date for the amount of traffic on it - it ought to be three lanes. Due to the volume of traffic drivers aren't able to move into the second lane to allow others to join the carriageway. 

"Also, this slip road has been badly designed in that it's on an angle, creating a blind spot for drivers joining the carriageway."

However, others said that some drivers are joining the carriageway too slowly.

One person said: "There is a long stretch of road before you join the slip road that gives you plenty of time to speed up. Too many cars are joining at 40mph or less."

Another added: "So many cars are going onto A55 at 40mph or less. There are slip roads for a reason and that reason is to speed up to the same speed as the cars/lorries on the carriageway you are entering."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We take road safety very seriously and continuously monitor vehicle collisions data to inform improvements to the network.

"We are currently looking at improvements to road safety on the A55 including this junction.”