THE owner of a bakery in Towyn has voiced his concerns that the proposed opening of a Greggs store next door to his premises could prove to the detriment of his own business.

Greggs submitted an application to Conwy County Council’s planning department, seeking permission for a change of use of the Fourways Store on Towyn Road.

But Carl Hayes, who has owned the Min-y-Don bakery next door since 2017, believes Greggs opening in Towyn is “inevitable”, regardless of whether the change of use is approved.

He highlighted the importance of business in Towyn during the holiday seasons, which helps cover costs during the winter.


Towyn could soon have its own Greggs

Mr Hayes said: “We at Min-y-Don open as long as we can, but we do need those busy summer months to survive through the winter.

“I can’t argue with Greggs going in there as a business, but if they take 30-40 per cent off what I make a day, they’re not just taking it off my monthly take, they’re taking it off what goes in to the pot to survive the winter.

“If the council don’t allow the change of use application, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will still happen anyway – they only need a change of use for things like indoor seating.

“If it does have a detrimental effect on our business, we can’t afford to just close the doors because we’ve still got mortgages and bills to pay.”

Mr Hayes said he has consulted JMS Planning & Development, which submitted a design and access statement in support of Greggs’ application, and various councillors since the plans came to light.

According to the application, a Greggs store in Towyn would sell soups, savoury pasties, cakes, sandwiches, salads, pasta, hot wraps, confectionary, and hot and cold drinks.

The application be decided during a future planning committee meeting of the council.

Asked if he fears for the future of Min-y-Don if Greggs opens next door, Mr Hayes added: “I do. We’re on a knife edge anyway, especially with things like electricity and food costs rising.

“My objections to it are based on increased traffic activity, and rubbish, which is already a problem in Towyn, but I can’t object to it on business grounds.

“In their application, they stated they noticed a lack of catering options in Towyn, which is not true, because we’re probably oversaturated.

“I think it’s inevitable (Greggs will open in Towyn). It might increase footfall, it might even introduce new customers to us, but I do think those are quite big ‘mights’.”

Greggs declined to comment when approached by the Journal.

Extracts from the planning statement read: “It’s considered that the proposed use will support the immediate surrounding area and uses, residents, and workers within the area who want to have something convenient and quick to eat.”