A MEETING in the Senedd has addressed what the next steps are concerning the 20mph road restrictions.

Seven-months after the restrictions were introduced across Wales, residents are still expressing their concern and frustration with several roads having already reverted back to 30mph.

Going forward, governing bodies and local authorities are to work together in partnership to provide a more conclusive answer for those impacted by the decision.

In the meeting, Carolyn Thomas MS said: "We need to move forward in partnership with councils who have collated lists of roads but are awaiting the new guidelines.

"Drivers are frustrated with restricted stretches for no obvious reason, but with the right guidelines and by working with the national authorities, we can get the right balance."

Clwyd South MS Ken Skates confirmed he will be making a formal statement on Tuesday, April 23, to provide a more definitive conclusion on the debate.

Since being appointed as Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport in March, Ken Skates has met with transport cabinet members and local government leaders from across Wales.

He said: "We've agreed to work in partnership in the coming weeks and months to deliver a national listening programme to engage with representatives, with businesses, communities and citizens across Wales, crucially including, in my view, children.

"I believe there is a growing consensus in this debate that we can at least build on, that 20mph is right around schools, hospitals and nurseries.

"On Tuesday I will provide an oral statement on the transport priority measures to be taken in coming weeks, including 20mph.

"I really strongly feel across the chamber there is support for 20mph in those areas where children and the elderly are concerned.

"It all makes people feel safer and we need to make sure 20mph is truly targeted in those areas as we promised it would be."