READERS have been getting in touch to give us their views as the monitoring of 20mph speed limits intensifies in Wales.

The majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph last September.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to help 'save lives'.

But, the move has been heavily criticised by members of the public, politicians and more since it was introduced.

An 'engagement process' was launched in January of this year between North Wales Police, GoSafe and other relevant authorities to ensure drivers were sticking to the new limit.

Since then, the number of vehicles monitored has risen from 9,775 to 24,714.

A total of 1,387 drivers have been found to be exceeding the speed limit during the first three months of monitoring.

15 of those have been prosecuted, while the rest opted to take part in roadside engagements instead.

Readers have this week been getting in touch to give us their views on this.

Becky Griffiths said: "It's a ridiculous speed to try and drive at. I'm surprised it's only 650 people who have been caught."

Paula Duffy told us: "It’s not as if driving at 30mph is dangerous on most roads. They need to speed time and money on things that really need it."

Anthea Pilkington told us: "I rarely see anyone driving past my house at 20, people aren't sticking to it and there seems to be no police to enforce it. It's pushing boy racers onto country roads and causing road rage. An absolute farce."

Roger Johnson said: "It was a huge mistake and should never have happened in my opinion. And I've been driving for almost half a century."

Alan Taylor added: "It’s hard work driving round wales now trying to keep your eye on the speed plus the roads judging what speed your doing as well."

Sam Jenkins said: "So instead of something sensible like averaging cameras in speeding hotspots, we get speed bumps that damage cars and a blanket speed reduction that penalises everyone except those who used to speed."

Others were in disagreement and argued that 20mph speed limits are likely here to stay, so people should get used to them.

John Smith said: "It's a shame people can't make the same fuss about food banks, ex service people sleeping rough on the streets, OAPs freezing and lots of other serious things effecting the UK."

Simon Morgan said: "Do the maths, if you can! It’s a tiny proportion that was exceeding the limit. Get over it and let others survive."

Brian Davies added: "The 20mph restrictions in residential areas are overall a good thing, long may it continue."