JOURNAL readers have shared their thoughts on the recent enforcement of the 20mph limit on a main road in Rhyl.

The 20pmh speed limit is now being enforced at A548 Russell Road/Rhyl Coast Road - changes came into force on March 29.

This followed a review of driver behaviour, community feedback, the response to previous changes, and evidence of road safety risk.

The speed limit on selected roads across Wales was reduced from 30mph to 20mph in September, with the move polarising the public and being met with both criticism and praise.

Taking to the Journal’s Facebook page, residents have offered their thoughts on the new enforcement:

Asked if they agreed with the enforcement, Chris V Evans, Jean Smith, Joan Winspear, Trevor Betteridge and Chris James said they did not.

Pam Smith said she disagreed with the enforcement, labelling the move “stupid”.


20mph speed limit now enforced at major road in Rhyl

Tracey Fenlon agreed with the decision, with Colin Jones saying: “It’s the law, get used to it - if you don’t you could find yourself having more to moan about on public transport.”

Andrew Herkes – “If it is the law enforce it. If not cancel it all.”

Jon Rosser – “I wish people would realise that this is a Rhyl issue and not one that the blinkered who want to continually blame the Senedd can dump at their door. It’s tiresome to continually read the same tripe.”

June Williams – “Well the holiday people said they won’t come to Wales if it stays like this every year - if they keep this we will have no one here to keep our town going.”

Bryan Wombwell – “Vote for someone with common sense and change this stupid speed limit.”

Peter R Christley slammed the move as “ill thought out, and badly implemented.”

Tony Gath – “The more you comply the more laws and regulations. Stop complying. Senedd members show utter contempt for the people who pay their salaries.”

Derek Hughes - “Shops on both sides of the roads that people will be crossing between.

“What looks to be a line of stationary traffic people will have to try and cross between and then there are traffic lights at the end meaning they will likely have to reduce their speed to zero there and no point doing 30 and then having to stand on the brakes to stop.

“Communities are asking for this and whose wishes must hold sway over those who just want to bomb through.

“Nobody is going to say I want cars to go fast just outside my house.”

Garry/Beckie Coleman said they disagreed with the enforcement, adding: “No and definitely no.”