RESIDENTS from across North Wales are being invited to take part in a large-scale demo calling for peace in Palestine.

This will take place in Rhyl on April 13.

Over the past five months, groups from Caernarfon to Llangollen have been protesting for a ceasefire in Palestine, urging leaders to represent their views within councils, the Senedd, and Parliament.

Catherine Platt, Chair of Prestatyn’s Voices for Peace, said: “All across North Wales, we have seen small groups springing-up and bringing communities together to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine.

"These groups have led peaceful marches and demos, in order to campaign for a ceasefire and to end this terrible conflict.

“Now these groups are coming together for a North Wales-wide demo, to raise awareness and a united voice for peace.

“We welcome all residents to join our march, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion and political beliefs."

The event will begin at Rhyl Station at 11.15am. The procession kicks-off at 11.30am, where members of the public will walk along Rhyl High Street, before heading to the Rhyl Events Arena on the Promenade to listen to a number of guest speakers.

Anna Jane Evans, of the Planning Group for the Caernarfon vigil, said: “The conditions in Palestine are ever worsening, with citizens now facing starvation as well as direct threat of attack. We call for a permanent and lasting ceasefire, as well as the immediate release of the hostages held in Gaza and all those held under administrative detention in Israeli prisons."

Libby Nolan, Co- Chair of Stop the War Cymru, said: “The death and destruction continues unabated in Gaza and we must redouble our efforts for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, an end to the occupation and for a lasting peace.

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“The huge global protests against the slaughter in Gaza are having an impact on public opinion and political action. The United Nations' security council vote for a ceasefire must now be enforced and aid must be given safe passage to reach the starving people of Gaza.”

Paul Penlington, a former Prestatyn councillor, said: “The Israeli government's genocidal actions have caused mass deaths and casualties, and now millions face famine. Babies in Palestine no longer cry tears, as they are dying from dehydration. Despite this, the UK persists in supplying arms to Israel and ignoring war crimes.

“A recent letter signed by a handful of MPs and Lords calling on the government to cease arms sales was ignored by the cabinet and shadow cabinet. The UK government's refusal to act makes them complicit in the genocide. It's way beyond time for decisive action to halt this catastrophe.”

For more information, visit search Prestatyn's Voices for Peace on Facebook.