YET ANOTHER familiar face and TV personality has graced the Stok Cae Ras with their presence to support the Reds in their latest match.

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, 'The Chase' on ITVX has been a hugely popular quiz show over the years in which contestants try to outrun 'chasers' to win a cash prize.

One of the six iconic chasers known on the show as 'The Vixen' is Jenny Ryan, singer and pro-quiz master.

She joined The Chase in 2015 after being recommended by fellow chaser Anne Hegerty as they had previously competed on the same quiz team.

On Saturday, March 16 Jenny was spotted with friends and her partner at the latest Wrexham AFC match against Tranmere Rovers.

Jenny shared a photo at the famous Stok Cae Ras on social media alongside comedian Lou Sanders, podcaster Margaret-Cabourn-Smith and actor and partner Thom Tuck.

Her partner Thom is part of the sketch comedy troupe 'The Penny Dreadfuls' alongside Wrexham AFC Executive Humphrey Ker who recommended the club to Ryan Reynolds, also at Saturday's game.

On a sour note, the reds suffered a rare home defeat of 0-1 despite the fans roaring spirit and chants.


While the Racecourse has welcomed many familiar faces over the past few months, including the legendary Hugh Jackman, Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, there are several connections that explain Jenny's visit.

The Vixen captioned the photo 'Go Wrexham AFC' and proudly showed off a Wrexham AFC scarf and hat.

I wonder who we'll spot in the crowd next time...