NEW pictures of the Loch Ness monster have been described as “the most compelling evidence yet” that it exists.

The images were originally taken by Chie Kelly in 2018 while on holiday with her family, walking on the banks of Loch Ness.

Kelly and her husband Scott said they were shocked to see something odd surfacing in the water and, quickly grabbing her professional camera, Kelly captured over 70 rapid-fire photos of the event using the camera’s "sports mode".

After believing several images had been lost, Kelly’s husband managed to save them in an automatic archive.

The pictures have since been shared, alongside a video of the images sliced together, with The Cryptid Factor Podcast.

The show is hosted by Hollywood star Rhys Darby, of Jumanji and Flight of the Conchords, documentary producer Leon "Buttons" Kirkbeck, and Dan Schreiber, co-host of QI’s No Such Thing As A Fish podcast.

Steve Feltham, a professional Loch Ness expert, has worked with Kelly and the podcast to bring the images to public.

Feltham, 60, has spent 32 years living on the loch seeking proof of the monster.

After seeing the complete video said: "The quality in the way that this set of images has been presented is second to none, never before has a mystery object been photographed on the surface so sharply and in focus here at Loch Ness.”

He added: “It has been a privilege to be involved with evidence of this quality, a simple explanation remains elusive to me."

Kelly added: “The footage put together by Leon of these still images from my camera is what we saw. Watching it brings back the memory of the day we witnessed this strange phenomenon.”

The Cryptid Factor hosts said: “Over the years, many Nessie sightings have been blamed on floating logs from woods on the shore of Loch Ness, and in 2014 conservation charity the Woodland Trust dampened the spirits of Nessie-lovers by claiming deadfall washed out by rivers from Urquhart Bay could explain why the Loch Ness Monster had recently been spotted.

"But this video allows us to see how the monster moves, which is a gamechanger. As soon as we saw the finished footage we knew we had to take it to the world."

The full video can be found on the Cryptid Factor’s YouTube channel.