ERYRI is getting its very own version of one of the world’s most popular family board games.

Monopoly: Eryri Edition board will hit the shops, just in time for Easter. Amongst the bespoke tokens are a sleeping dragon, a Carneddau Pony, a campervan, hiking boots, a castle tower, and a train car.

Landmarks featured in the game include Yr Wyddfa and  Ty Hyll (The Ugly House).

A 'big reveal' of the board game will take place today (Thursday, March 21) at Portmeirion Village.

Winning Moves UK, an official Monopoly maker, has produced the brand-new Monopoly: Eryri Edition board game, under license from toy and game company Hasbro.

Winning Moves UK makes Monopoly editions for places all over the world.

Rhyl Journal: Yr Wyddfa on the Monopoly: Eryri Edition boardYr Wyddfa on the Monopoly: Eryri Edition board (Image: Submitted)
When the new edition was announced last year, the public were invited to suggest landmarks and organisations to be featured in the game.

Landing on ‘Mayfair,’ the game’s top-ranking space, is Yr Wyddfa. At the other end of the board, ‘Old Kent Road’ - the game’s most affordable square - is Ty Hyll.

In between are the "great and good of Eryri" including Portmeirion Village, Harlech Castle (featuring in a set of three different castles) and the world’s smallest house in Conwy. 

Rhyl Journal: Harlech Castle features on the boardHarlech Castle features on the board (Image: Submitted)
In all, 30 plus Eryri landmarks and organisations are getting the opportunity to ‘Pass GO,’ including charity Hope House.

“The response from the public to Monopoly: Eryri Edition has been overwhelming," said Yasmin East, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK.


“A very big thank you to everyone who sent in nominations and congratulations to everyone featured in the game.”

In addition to the squares, the Chance and Community Chest cards are customised.

Rhyl Journal: Also on the board in the Smallest House in ConwyAlso on the board in the Smallest House in Conwy (Image: Submitted)
One card says, ‘You have won second prize in a Sheepdog trialling contest,’ replacing the ‘beauty contest’ card from the classic Monopoly original. Whilst another card penalises players, saying: ‘You’ve been caught wild camping in the National Park.’

Monopoly: Eryri Edition hits the shops at 10.30am on Thursday, March 21 and will be available to purchase at Waterstones.

The game will also be available online at and