FRUSTRATIONS over the 20mph speed limit across north Wales have been voiced in a recent meeting between politicians, councils, and organisations.

Carolyn Thomas, Member of the Senedd for North Wales, organised a meeting between representatives from councils across North Wales, Transport For Wales (TfW), Arriva, and the Welsh Government 20mph taskforce. 

Representatives from councils across North Wales put forward their experiences of the new 20mph speed limits to those undertaking the Welsh Government’s review of the rollout. 

The meeting was organised by Ms Thomas, who has been "concerned" by the impact the new default speed limit has had along arterial routes.

Local councils have the ability to vary speed limits as the highway authority, however, concerns have been raised about the lack of clarity regarding exemption criteria as well as council liability. 

During the meeting, councillors explained that they have received positive feedback on lower speeds in residential areas but that there have been frustrations with certain main roads.

It was also discussed that there has been a disparity in the number of roads made back up to 30mph between councils and that the sharing of best practices would be a positive step forward. 

Speaking after the meeting Carolyn said: “This meeting was a positive opportunity for transport cabinet members and officers from across North Wales to come together and share their experiences and challenges with the 20 mph task group following the change in default speed limits across Wales. 

“By coming together to share best practices we found practical ways to overcome anomalies in the new speed limits, address difficulties for bus routes and identify ways to improve Welsh Government’s exceptions criteria as soon as possible across the region.”