RHYL JOURNAL readers have slammed Barclays’ decision to close its branch in Rhyl later this year, with one calling it "disgraceful".

Last month, the bank announced plans to close its 68-70 High Street site on Friday, August 9.

The banking giant cited “the ongoing change in behaviour” in the way people bank, where they have seen “a sustained fall in customer transactions across our network”, as the reason for the decision.

The move shocked customers in Rhyl and the surrounding areas, with Rhyl East Cllr Justine Evans, a customer for more than 30 years, labelling it “another blow to the High Street”.

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Barclays have said that they will “have an active presence in the community via new and alternative physical presence”, which will be announced in due course.

Here is how readers responded:

Laura Jones – “Well done Barclays for ostracising more people with closing down another branch. Not everyone is able or wants to use online banking. Another empty building in the town, more job losses! Big clap Barclays.”

Sandy Neville - "It will soon be impossible to find a branch of any bank. They're trying to force us all to use cards and purchase everything online. They want to get rid of cash completely. They should be forced to keep branches open.

Jackie Colebourne - "Why are all the banks closing down? Everything this day and age is telephone or email. It's disgraceful all these businesses are closing down, more people out of work.”

Chris Featherstone - "Not surprised, staff have being directing customers towards the self-service tills within the branch for a few years now for deposits and withdrawals. I always tried to use the manned counters but met with obstruction when doing so - not the staff’s fault, they will have been instructed by their bosses."

Garry Paul Clements – “Sounds like Rhyl needs a banking hub like Prestatyn has done. Shocking service really for a major bank.”

Janice Kinsella – “Just finish Rhyl off altogether, put it out of its misery. Watching it die is so painful from what it was to what it is now.”

Heather Williams – “It's the older generation I feel for, and maybe that trip to the bank and friendly face at the bank was all they got out for and now that's going too, the sad thing is we let it happen.”

Paul Gough – “Barclays are a high street bank failing massively trying to become an ‘e’ bank. Their level of customer service is beyond appalling now. Shame for the local staff. As a proper high street bank they were brilliant but the future looks bleak for the bank now.”

Amy Lou – “What High Street? There is hardly anything left.”

Darrell L Hills – “It's been at least five or six years since I used any branch as it's all online now. I feel sorry for the staff obviously but there really is no need anymore.”

Diana Clements-Daly – “The nearest one to me is Wrexham after they closed my local branch down, the annoying thing was that the Barclays app wouldn't work on my phone so needless to say I closed my account with Barclays and went elsewhere.”