THE RAILWAY stations in Rhyl and Prestatyn have been ranked according to their performance and passenger numbers.

The latest figures from the website On Time Trains revealed the performance and business of stations based on service punctuality and cancellation frequency and average daily passenger count.

Rhyl is the busier of the two stations, ranking 808th in the UK (out of 2,623 stations) with an average 1,325 passengers per day.

Meanwhile, Prestatyn was ranked the 1,044th busiest station, with roughly 793 passengers each day.

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In terms of performance, both stations were ranked towards the lower end of the spectrum.

Rhyl was rated slightly higher, at 1,871st (a climb of 168 spots), with 54 per cent of trains on time.

Prestatyn also climbed, up 202 places to the 1,903rd best performing, with 55 per cent of its trains on time.

At both stations, nine per cent of trains were 10 or more minutes late, with four per cent of journeys cancelled.