From checking the back of the sofa to asking for extra change at the till, you could make a profit if you have this rare 50p coin.

A seller has sold their Olympics 2012 wrestling 50p coin for a huge sum on eBay.

The coin is one of the rarest London 2012 Olympics coins, which Roderick Enriquez designed after Royal Mint held a coin-design competition.

The seller from Worcester sold the coin for £7 - 14x its face value.

The buyer also had to fork out £1.30 for postage.

A spokesperson for Royal Mint said: "In the build-up to the London 2012 Olympics, the Royal Mint held a coin-design competition to produce a series of 50p pieces on an Olympic sports theme.

"The competition was open to anyone, and it resulted in 29 coins and introduced the youngest-ever designer of United Kingdom coinage at just nine years old.

"With the highest mintage being the archery coin by Piotr Powaga at 3,345,500 and the lowest mintage being the wrestling coin by Roderick Enriquez at 1,129,500, any of these Olympic coins are a rare and exciting addition to a collection."