WALES' Transport Minister says residents should contact their councils to tell them if they think roads should return to 30mph with a review of the 20mph speed limits on the horizon.

As of September last year, the majority of residential roads changed from being 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government claimed that this was 'to save lives' but the change was met with unprecedented backlash from the public with over 460,000 people signing a petition in opposition.

On social media this week, Lee Waters MS shared a letter to councils which said that the review, which is looking at how the policy has been implemented, will make initial recommendations in February.

A three-person panel of Kaarina Ruta (transport adviser at the Welsh Local Government Association), transport professor Peter Jones and Phil Jones (Chair of the 20mph Task Force Group) will oversee the review, the letter adds.

It will look towards guidance for councils on how they can designate roads 30mph.

It will also "offer support to local authorities where they are keen to rapidly consider changes to roads where the decision between a 20mph and 30mph speed limit is less clear cut".

An interim report will be provided next month before the final report is handed to the new First Minister of Wales over the summer, Mr Waters added.

Both Jeremy Miles and Vaughan Gething - who are in the running for that position - have backed calls for a review of the 20mph speed limits.

On X (formerly Twitter), Mr Waters said: "As part of the review councils are drawing up [a] list of roads they think need looking at again.

"If you feel your street should go back to 30mph you can let them know why."