A rare humpback whale has been spotted up close and personal off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Rhyl Journal: The humpback whale was spotted in Fishguard Harbour today.Photo: Sea Trust


The humpback was spotted off Fishguard Harbour on Friday morning and stayed in the bay until early afternoon, delighting crowds of onlookers who had gathered on the inner breakwater, the Old Fort and the convent to watch it.

Rhyl Journal: It is thought that the humpback whale was chasing the herring.Photo: Sea Trust

Just after 1pm the whale was reported as being between the end of the inner breakwater and the Old Fort.

Video Katrina Heaton.

It was then seen coming towards Goodwick and surfaced off the Fisherman’s Quay.

Rhyl Journal: A whale of a time in Fishguard and Goodwick!Photo: Sea Trust

Spectators started to fear for its safety as the huge cetacean headed inland towards the shore.

Rhyl Journal: Locals were delighted to spot the whale.Photo Katie Elcock.

However, it then turned and travelled up alongside the inner breakwater, incredibly close to the crowds, before heading out to sea.

Rhyl Journal: Sea Trust's Lloyd Nelmes captured these amazing pictures.Photo: Sea Trust

Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson, said that the whale had come in so close that people in the Sea Trust café could watch it from the upper floor.

Video: Katie Elcock

“In my 30 years of doing this I have only ever seen a humpback once before off the coast of Pembrokeshire and that was at Strumble Head,” said Cliff.

“We think that it must have been following the herring.,

Rhyl Journal:

What a great day for school to be cancelled. Photo: Katrina Heaton

“The herring are back in the bay and we have had lots of dolphins in the harbour over the last few days.

“Over the years we have seen Minke whales, orca and Risso’s dolphins off the break water. We can now add humpbacks to that.”