I would like to say how much easier and safer it is to cross the roads in town now that the speed limit has been reduced to 20mph.

At age 80, I, like many others, am not quite so quick on my feet as I once was, and crossing is much less hazardous when traffic is approaching at 20mph than at 30.

This will apply to many people such as those with reduced vision or mobility, parents with prams etc., and it is also much safer for children.

Finding a pedestrian crossing is frequently not an option in many areas.

Accident statistics show the beneficial effects of slower speeds on survival rates in the event of an accident and, given sufficient time for accurate statistical analysis, I am sure that this change will show as an improvement in local records..

I am also a motorist and find the small adjustment in speed very easy to manage.

Also, I think that bus start and arrival times could be adjusted without altering routes.

I sincerely hope that the new measures in built up areas will be allowed to continue.