PRONOUNCING the names of Welsh places has been an aged old struggle for many - both for those who live here and for those visiting the area.

Let's be honest, some of them are, in fairness, very difficult at the best of times if you are not a first language Welsh speaker.

Others have simply become notorious for being mispronounced by almost everyone down the years.

With that in mind, earlier this week, we asked our readers; 'Which local town or village do you feel people mispronounce the most?'.

As always, you provided some top answers, with more than 500 people commenting on our Facebook post.

Here are the top 10 most common answers from that post in no particular order (county in brackets) ...

1 LLANGOLLEN (Denbighshire)

Rhyl Journal:

Starting off with a 'double L', this popular tourist destination is a non-native Welsh speaker's nightmare.

A common mistake is to pronounce it as 'Clangoclen'.

This was one of the most popular answers on our Facebook post.

Chris Jones said: "Anything with a LL. No it’s not Langolen or Landidno."

2 LLAY (Wrexham)

Another 'double L' place name here which has often been butchered, according to readers.

Again 'Clai' is often the pronunciation by many for this village, as well as dropping the double-L altogether for 'Lay'.

Darren Morris said: "Clay".

Carla McDadd wrote: "Llay definitely always pronounced as lay."

3 HAWARDEN (Flintshire)

A difficult one this one, that is actually pronounced as 'Harden'. 

But, it seems there are many ways that people have attempted to pronounce it.

Charlotte Whilloughby told us: "Hawarden people come to stay in the area and say “we are going to a do in ‘How-ar-don’ very rarely pronounced right."

Gill Niland added: "I’ve been asked a few times where Ha….warden is."

4 CEFN MAWR (Wrexham)

The birthplace of Wales and Premier League footballer Neco Williams and, on paper, not that hard to pronounce.

But, that hasn't stopped people from getting it wrong down the years.

Catherine Smith said: "Cefn - heard many people pronouncing it like "Kevin"."

RJT Lewis said: "I worked for a guy from London who pronounced langlen (Llangollen), landudno (LLandudno) and my favourite was Kevin mawa (Cefn Mawr)."

5 BETWS-Y-COED (Conwy)

Another popular tourist destination and, without doubt, one of north Wales' most beautiful locations.

But, another one, that is often pronounced in an incorrect way (Betoos-uh-coid).

Charis Easter said: "Betsy Co-ed."

Elune Davies added: "Clandudno or worse still Betty-Why-Cod."

6 CAERGWRLE (Flintshire)

In fairness, a difficult one. 

A village that has become infamous for being mispronounced in many different ways (correct pronunciation is Kair-gwrle).

Steve Davies said: "Kai girlie."

David Reeves wrote: "Caugirlie."

Cynthia Roberts said: "Caergwrle - lorry driver once asked me where Careagwiigle was."

7 ACREFAIR (Wrexham)

Looks straightforward enough, but actually isn't.

The correct pronunciation of this is 'Akre-vair'.

The Wrexham village received several votes as people just 'say it as they see it' on signs.

8 CEFN-Y-BEDD (Flintshire)

Rhyl Journal:

Another Flintshire location which people, more often that not, get wrong.

Elizabeth Smith said: "Cefn-y-bedd and Llay, a lorry driver asked for 'seven y bed' and 'lay'.

Mike Williams told us: "Cefn-y-Bedd. Seven in a bed."

Stuart Lloyd said: "Cefn y Bedd is another that gets mangled."

9 BENLLECH (Anglesey)

Heading further out along the coast and this village is one of the most commonly mispronounced names on the Isle of Anglesey.

Another popular tourist destination due to its stunning beach area, Benllech is commonly called 'Benclec' or 'Bencluck' by those who can't pronounce their double L's.

It received several nominations on our Facebook post by frustrated residents.

10 LLANDUDNO (Conwy)

Another double-L comes into finish the list of mispronounced north Wales areas.

Llandudno is often, according to several readers, wrongly called 'Clandudno' among other alternative names.

Click on our interactive map of the place names here ...

Other answers nominated in our comment section included;

  • Coedpoeth
  • Gwersyllt
  • Llanfairpwll
  • Mynydd Isa
  • Rhostyllen
  • Rhuddlan
  • Talacre