A NORTH WALES MS has raised concerns over the impact that the 20mph speed limits will have on people who use buses to get around.

In September 2023, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to 'help save lives', but the move was met by unprecedented backlash with over 460,000 people signing a petition for a U-turn.

In December, it was confirmed that Arriva Wales would be changing some of its bus timetables in North Wales due to 'challenges' brought on by the change.

North Wales MS Sam Rowlands says the speed limits will 'hit' those who use buses to travel.

He said: "Yet again we find that this ridiculous and quite frankly bonkers legislation is having a huge knock-on effect for the long suffering public.

“Not only is it slowing everyone down but we now hear that a public transport company has reviewed its routes and changes are being made to some of their services because of the new law."

Mr Rowlands added: “Recently Arriva Bus Wales said they would be looking into their routes as bus services were seriously struggling and have now announced changes.

“You really couldn’t make it up. The whole roll out has been a complete and utter mess.

“Both candidates for the soon to be vacant job of Wales’ First Minister have said they will hold a review into this crazy legislation and I really hope they keep their word and listen to the public. Although I do have my doubts as they even ignored a petition signed by over 460,000 people against its implementation.

“I am not against 20mph outside schools or hospitals and where there is a clear benefit but it really is about time the whole idea of this speed limit on roads where it is not necessary was scrapped.

“It has been a clear disaster and people have had enough. It is time Welsh Government made a u-turn.”

In response to the concerns raised by Mr Rowlands, a Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We have been clear we will continually monitor any impacts of the new default 20mph speed limit on bus services.

"We continue to work closely with bus operators, local authorities and TfW to tackle the wider challenges facing the bus industry and will bring forward new legislative proposals to reform the sector."