More than 7500 people have already signed a petition to officially change the name Wales to the Welsh version - Cymru.

A Senedd petition has been created by an Arfon Jones with the title "abolish the name 'Wales' and make 'CYMRU' the only name for our country".

Mr Jones, in the petition, says Wales is "essentially not a Welsh word" and wants it changed to Cymru.

He says: "Wales is a name imposed on Cymru and is essentially not a Welsh word at all.

"The world knows about Wales because of its English connection since 1282.

"Hardly anyone has heard of Cymru or realises that we have our own unique language and culture which is totally different from the other countries within the United Kingdom."

The change of name to the Welsh version would follow in the footsteps of the likes of Eryri Natioanl Park, which changed from Snowdonia, and Bannau Brycheiniog, formerly Brecon Beacons, in altering their names in recent years. 

Petition to change Wales name to Cymru already has more than 7500 signatures

Senedd petitions to change the name from Wales to Cymru have been created before.

A petition titled "rename Wales to her original name, Cymru", put forward by Vaughan Williams, concluded back in February 2023. 

That petition only received 414 signatures. 

The Senedd said it was considered by the Petitions Committee at a meeting on February 6, 2023.

The Senedd website says: "The Committee considered the petition and given the Government’s clear and firm position to continue to refer to our nation in both its official languages Members agreed to close the petition and thank the petitioner."

But this new petition has far more weight behind it and wants to see the Wales name scrapped and Cymru the only name used.

The petition has already received more than 7500 signatures (at the time of publication) in just a few days and the numbers are rising.

Rhyl Journal: A Senedd petition has been created to change the name Wales to Cymru.A Senedd petition has been created to change the name Wales to Cymru. (Image: Getty Images)

There is still ample time for people to sign the petition with it set to remain open until June 13, 2024 (you can sign the petition on the Senedd website here).

Any petition that receives more than 250 signatures, but no more than 10,000, is only considered by the Petitions Committee. 

But when a petition gets more than 10,000 signatures it will be immediately considered for a debate in the Senedd.

How to sign the petition to change the name Wales to Cymru

The "abolish the name 'Wales' and make 'CYMRU' the only name for our country" petition remains open and anyone is free to sign it.

If you would like to sign it, simply head to the open petitions section of the Senedd website (a link to which can be found above).