A DUCK spotted tangled in crabbing gear in "filthy waters" was rescued by a mum.

Sylwia Stanco, of Kinmel Bay, spotted the duck in the middle of Marine Lake in Rhyl.

As well as seeing the duck, she was saddened to see the quality of the water and described it as "really horrible".

Rhyl Journal: The duck was tangled in crabbing gearThe duck was tangled in crabbing gear (Image: Sylwia Stanco)
Sylwia said: "We are walking around Marine lake and it is really horrible. The quality

"When we saw the duck I had my crocs on and there was so much mud. 

"The duck was in the middle of the water and it was tangled in this net that was stuck to something else. It was like a dump hole."

The bird was check over at Rhianfa Veterinary Centre and was untangled / checked over.

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said that work will be conducted to improve the water quality at Marine Lake.

They said: "We acknowledge and understand residents’ concerns about the current state of Marine Lake. The council are currently undertaking work at the site and are in the process of replacing the sluice gate in the lake. Once this is completed, further work aimed at improving the water quality will be taking place.


"This is ongoing work that is expected to be completed in the next six to eight weeks.”

Sylwia is an organic gardener and said that nature is very important to her.

She is interested in exploring the idea to help clean and maintain the lake, but would need other volunteers to help. 

She added: "I am Polish and I'm not scared to work but I can't do it on my own

"Marine Lake draws a lot of tourists."

Anyone interested in discussing a Marine Lake clean up with Sylwia is asked to email suzanne.kendrick@newsquest.co.uk