ONE OF the candidates in the running to be Wales' next First Minister says he will get a review of the 20mph speed limits underway immediately should he be the one to replace Mark Drakeford.

Mr Drakeford will no longer be Wales' First Minister from March 16, 2024 it has been confirmed.

There are only two contenders in the running to replace him as it stands, Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles.

Economy Minister Gething and Education Minister Miles will go head-to-head for the position of Welsh Labour Leader.

Wales' 20mph speed limit zones could well be scrapped this year after receiving a huge backlash from the public - and both candidates are backing the call for a review.

On Tuesday (January 2), Mr Miles stated that he too would like to see a review of the speed limits get underway.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), he set out a list of five things he will do in his first week if he were to become First Minister of Wales in the coming months.

Among them were appointing a government where at least half of all ministers are women and initiating 'fresh discussions' with patients, health bodies and health unions about how to help the NHS adapt to respond to current and future pressures.

On the 20mph speed limits, Mr Miles said: "Get the review of 20mph underway, it will be 6 months from introduction, so as I said on day one of my campaign - there’s no need to delay."

He added: "I will be announcing policy priorities in the coming weeks. Today’s 5 actions point to kind of government I want to lead - reflecting our communities, focused on the economy, relentless in protecting and improving public services, and open to scrutiny. Let’s get on with it!"

The 20 speed limits sparked a huge backlash when introduced, with more than 460,000 people signing a petition calling for the Welsh government to scrap it.