A POPULAR Towyn pub and nightclub has had its premises licence suspended for three months.

Conwy held a licensing hearing last Friday to discuss Sonny’s Bar (also known as Sunny’s) and Bentley’s nightclub on Towyn Road, following an application by North Wales Police after a drink and drug fuelled under-18s disco.

Operating on the first floor, Bentley’s opened in April this year, but police reported 16 incidents involving drunkenness, fights, the threat of weapons, and theft.

Both the council and police had serious concerns regarding the safety of children after the under-age disco on September 22.

Evidence given at the hearing revealed children as young as 13 were found lying unconscious on the pavement outside the pub before three young teenagers were treated by ambulance staff, two of whom were taken to hospital.

Police also had concerns about cocaine and ketamine use. After meeting on Friday, the licensing committee has now decided not to revoke the licence altogether but to suspend it.

A spokeswoman for Conwy County Council commented: “Following a review by Conwy Council’s licensing authority sub committee on the 8 December, the premises licence is to be suspended for a period of three months.

“The designated premises supervisor has been removed. Significant conditions have been added to protect children from harm. All the above are subject to appeal.”

Speaking at the hearing on Friday, EJP Entertainment’s chief Miss Emma Priestley apologised but blamed the disco on the now-sacked former manager.

“As a mother myself, obviously it was very disturbing to see the CCTV (footage),” she said.

“The protection of children is extremely high on my priorities. I did not know at all about the event.

“I was actually in hospital with my child at the time. If I had known, would it have taken place? Absolutely not. I have a 14-year-old child, and as a mother, I would do anything to protect my children. I would do anything to protect any children in that circumstance.

“It is not how we run our operations, and obviously I trusted the people to run these operations, and I have been very let down by certain people.”

She added: “Obviously going forward I put myself down as the designated premises supervisor because I believe I can do that role effectively and efficiently. As a mum, it’s very important to me.”