A PATH that runs around the Admiral's Playing Field in Rhuddlan has opened. 

The 1.5m wide path is 470m in length and connects all areas of the field.

Users can now access the Hwb, the new public toilets located at the Hwb, multi-use games area (MUGA), car park, Bowls Club, allotments and play area without walking on the grass.

The path also allows people with wheelchairs and mobility scooters to access the facilities.

The path, funded by Rhuddlan Town Council with the help of grants from the Burbo Bank and Denbighshire County Council, was constructed by Ruthin firm GJ Teeson who completed the works on November 17.

Mike Kermode, mayor of Rhuddlan, said: "Admiral’s Playing Field is one of the Town Council’s and Rhuddlan’s key assets. It provides a large open-air playing area in the middle of town, for everyone to enjoy. The town council has made many improvements to the facilities on the field over the years, including a multi-use game area (MUGA), children’s playground and green gyms for adults and children. Last year we opened our Hwb building on the field and this is now the council’s headquarters. It is also used as a community facility by various groups and can be booked by residents for children’s parties etc.

"The Hwb building also includes public toilets, which many users of the field had asked for.


“The latest improvement is a tarmac path around the field. This means that people can enjoy walking around the field even on wet days. Some grassed areas have been disturbed by the path-laying machinery but they will be seeded and restored in the Spring. Another task in the Spring will be the development of a wildflower border to the path.

"The new path is a major investment by the town council and it must be noted that 80 per cent of the costs were found from external funds including grants from Denbighshire County Council and the Burbo Bank, thus minimising the costs to local residents," cllr Kermode added.

“We'd like to say a big thank you to GJ Teeson for doing such an excellent job despite the recent wet weather.”