A FORMER crown green bowls player who has won many trophies over the years will mark a significant milestone - turning 100-years-old.

Hetta Richards, of Prestatyn, will celebrate turning 100 on Wednesday, November 22. 

Hetta, who has a stepson and daughter-in-law, four grandchildren and a large extended family, some located as far as Australia, is having a party with family and friends.

Friend Verity Hensey, who has known Hetta for six or seven years, said: "Hetta is a very positive person, very kind and generous. She is funny and has a great sense of humour.

"She was a keen crown green bowls player winning many trophies over the years and has been made an honorary member of Meliden Bowls club. She enjoys a game of bingo as well. She still drives as well.


"She can’t believe she is going to be a 100 and that she has reached that age.

"She is looking forward to her party and celebrating this milestone and she is really looking forward to receiving her birthday card from the king."

Hetta, who is a widow, was born in Frodsham. She grew up and lived in that area for her working life. 

She worked at the Maypole Grocers and also, a delivering greengrocers.

She was also a canteen supervisor for many years.