A NORTH WALES MS has urged the Irish Government not to 'make the same mistake' as Wales over the 20mph speed limit.

As of September, the majority of residential roads in Wales have changed from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government says the move will 'help save lives', but the change has been met with great criticism with over 460,000 people singing a petition in opposition.

Mr Rowlands, Shadow Minister for Local Government and a harsh critic of the roll-out of the new speed limit, was recently interviewed by RTE, Ireland’s main broadcaster.

Ireland’s Department of Transport is currently carrying out a Speed Limit Review and among the recommendations is for some urban roads, town centres and housing estates across Ireland to become 30km/h, or 18.6mph.

Mr Rowlands urged them to 'think carefully' about lowering the speed limit.

He said: “Since the new default speed limit of 20mph came into force last month my inbox continues to be filled with messages from extremely frustrated and angry constituents about this, with almost half a million people signing a petition against this barmy idea.

“I understand that the Irish Government is currently reviewing their speed limits so I would urge them to think very carefully and listen to the public about reducing the default speed limit as it really has been a disaster in Wales.

“As chair of the Cross-Party Group on Tourism, I am also deeply concerned about how this will affect the number of people coming to my constituency of North Wales. Who is going to come here if they possibly face being fined £100 and receive three points on their licence?

“The roll out of this ridiculous blanket speed limit was a complete shambles with local authorities not ready and worst of all impacting on people going about their daily lives.

“I have been told that many motorists are driving at ridiculously low speeds in 20mph areas causing long tailbacks on roads which have never been affected before. The impact is also being felt by our emergency services.

“I personally will continue to keep pressure on Welsh Government and continue to fight this barmy legislation.”