THE DATE for when the enforcement of the 20mph speed limits will get underway has been confirmed by the Welsh Government.

As of September, the majority of residential roads throughout Wales have changed from 30mph to 20mph.

The Welsh Government claims that the change will 'help save lives' but the move has been met with unprecedented backlash from residents, with over 460,000 people signing a petition in opposition.

Lee Waters MS, deputy climate change minister, has said that the "grace period" is now coming to an end. 

The Welsh Government has confirmed that enforcement of the 20mph limits will start in December.

The Police and GoSafe will enforce 20mph, like any other speed limit, to make roads safer for all users.

They will, according to the Welsh Government, also be engaging with motorists to ensure that the new speed limits are respected.

During a climate change committee meeting in the Senedd on Thursday (October 26), Lee Waters MS said: "The evidence is people are adapting their behaviour. What we don't want is to go in feet-first and create conflict.

"We want human relations to work out for people to adjust but we're reaching the stage where enforcement will begin. We've given a grace period but we will now start to enforce. We'll do it in the way we enforce other speed limits – by exceptions."


A statement from the Welsh Government added: "Since the national rollout GoSafe has continued to enforce the original 20mph sites. GoSafe will begin selecting new sites (locations) for speed van and other enforcement (roads that were 30mph and are now 20mph) once the new speed limit has been in place for three months (December 17).

"The roadside engagement campaign is funded by Welsh Government and is being delivered by GoSafe, police, and fire services. There will be three dedicated regional teams – east, west, and north – providing roadside engagement sessions across Wales.

"GoSafe and local authorities will inform the teams where the engagement is most needed. The sites that were being enforced at 30mph before the change have not automatically been carried over as enforcement sites for 20mph. Sites will be assessed on a risk/harm basis."