BIBBIDI-Bobbidi-Boo! If Cinderella's fairy godmother had visited the pumpkin patch at Abergele’s Manorafon Farm Park this weekend, she would have been spoilt for choice! 

There were certainly plenty of fruits worthy of being turned into a magical carriage! From Monster pumpkins, bright red ‘Devil’ ones; Smurf coloured; ‘ghosts’; classic pumpkin to Goosebump pumpkins to pumpkins aptly named Cinderella. 

Manorafon held its first first Pumpkin Fest of 2023 on Sunday (October 22).

Rhyl Journal: Welcome to Pumpkin Fest at Manorafon Farm Park!Welcome to Pumpkin Fest at Manorafon Farm Park! (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
Heavy rain had forced the farm park to cancel their first 'Pumpkin Night Fest' on Friday (October 20) and the first 'day' event on Saturday (October 21). The first 'Pumpkin Night Fest' instead ran on the eve of Saturday, October 21. 

Rhyl Journal: The Pumpkin Market The Pumpkin Market (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
The Journal paid a visit to the site on Sunday. After admiring the incredible range of pumpkins on offer in the Pumpkin Market, we headed to watch the Trick or Treat Show. Here we witnessed a dancing ghost and a floating table.

A little girl, who called herself 'Golden Sonic', was called on stage and had the audience in smiles as she impressed with her dancing. The adults were not immune from a touch of Abracadabra! And two willing grown-ups volunteered to come on stage to take part in a 'psychic connection' trick. 

Rhyl Journal: Double trouble!Double trouble! (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
After the show, it was onward to the pick your own pumpkins patch! The patch is very photogenic and what awaits you is a wonderful sea of orange. You can opt for a wheelbarrow to help you carry your pumpkins and with every child's ticket - you get a free one. 

Little ones loved the scarecrow characters who interacted brilliantly with guests.

We really liked the little touches with the pumpkin patch including 'How Tall This Fall' and the big photo frame. 

Rhyl Journal: Smurf and Ghost pumpkins!Smurf and Ghost pumpkins! (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
We had a smoky flavoured hotdog for lunch before heading to carve tent. This is such a great idea to be able to carve your pumpkin on site. My dad, especially, spent so many hours carving pumpkins over the years but here - we were equipped with a little steel saw, a plastic scoop, a plastic poker to carve out our design and a 'pumpkin guts' bucket and voilà - we were literary done in 10 minutes. The design delighted our little pumpkin!

Rhyl Journal: Chief reporter Suzanne Kendrick with her husband and little boy and their finished pumpkin creation!Chief reporter Suzanne Kendrick with her husband and little boy and their finished pumpkin creation! (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
There was a lovely family vibe throughout the day. For those braver than me, there is a chance to get up and close with invertebrates and reptiles. There is also the 'Horrid Hollows' which involves putting your hand into the 'unknown'.

There are also optional activities including Billy Bob's Shooting Range and the Slime Lab.

Rhyl Journal: Our finished creation!Our finished creation! (Image: Suzanne Kendrick / Newsquest)
Manorafon's Pumpkin Fest is held on selected dates during October. There is only one date remaining for bookings - Halloween itself (October 31).

For Pumpkin Fest Nights, Halloween is the only date currently available. All other dates are currently sold out.