The mystery of the 63% of the population in favour of slowing down road traffic deepens. 

The petition to reverse the limit is now above 451,000 while the opposing petition to stick to the new imposition is, almost 4,400. 

That means those in favour of retaining the lower speed limit is just 1% of total signatories – perhaps they are in the slow lane? 

That’s statistics for you. The realisation by the Welsh Government that they are in the manure is that they have allowed local councils to decide if they want to reverse the limit. 

Do they really think they can abdicate their responsibility and pass the buck?

Considering there has never been a majority in favour of devolved government in Wales it would be far better for all of us if the Welsh Government was dissolved, before they try and expand their grip, and the vast sums of money they waste be given to County Councils where it can be better spent on better services for the benefit of all of us.

Mike Groves, Foel