The controversial BBC factual drama The Reckoning, which details the life of disgraced entertainer Jimmy Savile, has had viewers "creeped out" with its first episode.

It stars Steve Coogan as Savile and has spent a long time in production, with a planned release in 2022 reportedly being delayed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Scenes for the controversial drama were shot in Llandudno and the surrounding area.

In November last year, Coogan was seen filming on the promenade and beach, with a shoulder length blond wig.

On one occasion he was wearing a pale suit and tie, and another wearing a dark, sheepskin coat.

A period camper van and luxury car, possibly the disgraced DJ's famous Rolls Royce, were also at the location.

It will trace the life of Savile from a working-class background to one of the biggest stars in television and will also focus on his years of sexual abuse and the impact he had on his victims.

Saville died in October 2011 aged 84 having never been brought to justice for his crimes.

Rhyl Journal: The Reckoning had spent a long time in production before its eventual releaseThe Reckoning had spent a long time in production before its eventual release (Image: BBC/ITV Studios/Matt Squire)

The first episode aired on Monday, October 9 and caused much reaction to be shared online, with many saying they were made uncomfortable by what was shown.

Viewers 'creeped out' by The Reckoning but praise Steve Coogan's performance

Many people took to social media to share their thoughts, with many taking note of the unsettling atmosphere created.

One person shared on X (formerly known as Twitter): "Five minutes into #TheReckoning and I am utterly creeped out by Steve Coogan as Savile."

Another posted: "Omg the beginning of #TheReckoning with the church service makes me feel sick and seeing and hearing Steve Coogan as Jimmy Saville is scarily accurate."

Alongside that many viewers seemed to agree that Coogan's performance as Savile was very accurate.

Rhyl Journal: Many viewers praised Steve Coogan's performanceMany viewers praised Steve Coogan's performance (Image: BBC/ITV Studios/Matt Squire)

One person said: "It feels so wrong to say but this is possibly Steve Coogan’s greatest performance. You totally forget it’s him after the 1st couple of scenes."

Another shared similar sentiments, posting: "Six minutes in; give Steve Coogan the BAFTA now. Absolutely chilled to the bone."

One person added: "Only 5 minutes in and Steve Coogan is playing a great part, looks and sounds exactly like him it’s making me feel uncomfortable!"

Coogan's usual performances in comedic roles were also referenced, with one person posting: "It’s hard to believe this is the bloke who “was” Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Jimmy Saville is simply extraordinary. Chilling."

The Reckoning is available to watch on BBC iPlayer