A MAN from Prestatyn said he noticed a speed limit sign by Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan had not been changed from 30mph to 20mph last week.

Steve Quayle, a retired driving instructor, noticed this on Monday (September 25), following the implementation of 20mph limits on most residential roads in Wales on September 17.

Mr Quayle said that, consequently, the two sides of the road concerned were adhering to different speed limits – 30mph and 20mph.

He also noticed a similar issue when driving to Rhyl via Clwyd Retail Park, in Rhuddlan.


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“When approaching Glan Clwyd Hospital from Rhuddlan, the sign is clearly 20mph,” Mr Quayle said.

“Approaching from the opposite direction, the sign from the roundabout states 30mph, thereby having two separate speeds.

“The sign approaching Rhyl town centre via the A547 to A525 on Rhuddlan Road, past Clwyd Retail Park, clearly states 30mph. There is no change of speed limits all the way through into Rhyl.

“The Highway Code states that, where there are street lights and no repeater markers, the speed limit is 30mph. If this is to be a 20mph, repeater markers need to be in place. This is why it’s so confusing. It’s a danger in itself.”

Mr Quayle questioned why this could not be changed prior to September 17, when the new speed limits came into effect.

He contacted Denbighshire County Council himself to make the local authority aware of the matter.

“I thought they spent thousands of pounds advertising that, from September 17, the speed limit of 30mph was being replaced by 20mph,” Mr Quayle added.

“Surely, they had enough time to put in place the new signs. It seems silly that they had all this time and they haven’t got the signs sorted out.

“You’ve got cars driving at 30mph one way, and at 20mph the other. How confusing is that for the drivers?

“People are also under the impression that it is a blanket change; that everywhere that was 30mph is now 20mph.

“So, people are doing 20mph in some 30mph areas now, which is causing confusion and delays.”

After contacting the council, Mr Quayle received a response from its Planning and Public Protection service.

Extracts from this response, shown to the Journal, read: “Approaching Bodelwyddan from the A55, the signage does still show 30mph.

“The 20mph signs will be installed in due course upon receipt of necessary traffic management license for traffic management.

“North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent will be performing the sign installations.

“Approaching Rhyl from Rhuddlan, the speed limit along the stretch of road is 30mph and will maintain at 30mph as the road is an exception road.

“You are correct that, currently, there is no signage in place to indicate the end of the 30mph speed limit and the start of the 20mph speed limit (which will be adjacent to B&Q car park).

“The signs indicating the change are expected due to be installed this week. No repeater signs will be required to indicate the 20mph speed limit.”

Since September 17, most roads in Wales that previously had 30mph speed limits became 20mph, with the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, insistent that it will reduce crashes and save lives.

More than 455,000 signatures have been given to a petition urging Welsh Government to scrap the new 20mph speed limit.

Numerous new 20mph speed limit signs in Bodelwyddan have also been defaced with graffiti since it came into effect.