WREXHAM club captain Ben Tozer has encouraged people to get things checked following the sad passing of his father earlier this year.

The Reds centre-back lost his dad Keith, aged 60, in July following a battle with Leukemia. 

Ben shared the news on social media, with the caption 'don't leave it too late' following his dad's sudden passing. 

Now, he has discussed the importance of getting things checked in an emotional interview with the BBC. 

While his father would come up from his home in Plymouth to see Wrexham games, Ben revealed Keith would always leave before he got out, something he described as a 'red flag'. 

Ben said: "He wasn't well but I never got to see him and it was almost as if he was hiding from me, which now I know why.

"I went to a friend's funeral at the end of last season and one of the guys my dad worked with said 'I saw your dad and he didn't quite seem the same'.

"My brother said it, my wife raised concerns and my dad said 'It's alright, I'm getting checked, I'll get checked'.

"Obviously it ended up too late because by the time he got checked he passed away a few days later."

Keith was admitted to hospital in July, where he was diagnosed with leukemia but sadly a few days later died.

However instead of mourning his father, Ben wanted to 'crack on' with Wrexham's tour of America.

Tozer was full of praise for Reds boss Phil Parkinson who supported him throughout this stage, sorting first class train tickets to Plymouth and offering to get a helicopter arranged.

He added "The day after he passed away we sorted his house out, Wednesday I travelled back up and then we were away to America which was a bit strange because I felt too normal.

"I felt 'right I've got a job to do, I've got to do this, crack on'.

"I didn't even think about it, I was so busy. It was one thing after another.

"I suppose if I was home, what would I do? Just cry? So I might as well just crack on."

After being reduced to tears ahead of the Reds game against Chelsea in America, Tozer continued on the tour, but admitted he was scared to 'face reality' upon returning to the UK.

Once back in the country, Ben attended his father's funeral before returning back up to Wrexham ready for the start of the season.

Rhyl Journal: Tozer revealed Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson was brilliant throughout.Tozer revealed Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson was brilliant throughout.

The 33-year old has admitted he is yet to come to terms with his dad's passing, but he is hoping to encourage other men to get checked if they are feeling unwell. 

He said: "It's hard for me to say it but my dad was scared. He was scared to hear what was the matter.

"And also being a bloke, an old school bloke, never wanted to admit anything was wrong.

"But ultimately he was scared to know what was up because he knew something was wrong.

"Even for myself, I've always been someone who rolls up their sleeves and gets on with it.

"It's a bit of a taboo but it's something that's so important to go and simply get checked - don't leave it too late.

"If there is anyone who has symptoms that are abnormal then please go and get them checked."