THE home of a Rhyl charity was the location for a paranormal investigation earlier this month, which led to “outstanding” results.

“Into the Shadows,” a company which holds such events across the UK, looked to reach out to spirits at Brighter Futures’ base at 34 Wellington Road on the evening of September 8.

Lindsey Gilks, a member of Into the Shadows, said the group and its guests could hear the sounds of a “bar brawl” which led to someone being “shover down the stairs” to their death.

She said: “It was relatively quiet in terms of anything visual or audible; however, some of the results we obtained through Ouija boards and Estes method (sensory deprivation) were outstanding.

“We also have a ‘spirit box’, which enable voices to come through, and guests could physically hear the sounds of what can only be described as a bar brawl.


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“It was established that there was, at some point, a very angry publican/landlord, and a fight occurred somewhere in the upper rooms, which resulted in one person being shoved down the stairs, resulting in a death.”

Into the Shadows, the only fully female-run paranormal team in the UK, came from a shared mutual passion and fascination for the paranormal.

Lindsey added: “This entity was not respectful whatsoever to women, either; a number of degrading insults were given via our experiments, with some very fruity language being used! 

“It’s clear, however, that there is still a lot of residual anger within the building; even the staff were astounded with the information we obtained.

“Overall, it was such an interesting night, and one venue that we hope to come back to and try to obtain the rest of the story.”