A WOMAN from Prestatyn has said she will seek legal advice after a vehicle belonging to Denbighshire County Council (DCC) reversed into her own car and caused irreparable damage to it.

Charmaine Turpin said that, at 8.40am on September 7, a council food waste lorry reversed into the small cul-de-sac where she lives, off Caradoc Road.

The crash between the lorry and her parked car caused the back window to smash and a door to be dented.

DCC said it has accepted liability, apologised to Charmaine, and is conducting its own investigation into the matter.

Rhyl Journal: Damage to Charmaine's carDamage to Charmaine's car (Image: Charmaine Turpin)


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Charmaine said: “No reversing assistant was used, which is a breach of council policy.

“The driver, and the supervisor who turned up, were very apologetic, and assured me that the car would be able to be repaired, as the lorry hadn't damaged the bumper of my car.

“(This was) due to the fact that a wheelie bin was fixed onto the back of the council lorry, and it was that that had caused the extensive damage.

“I had an email from DCC admitting full liability, and that the driver had not followed their strict policy, and that they hoped my car would get fixed quickly.

“My car was a write off, and DCC have not felt inclined to offer any form of compensation, and that I should, in fact, seek legal advice if I want compensation.”

Rhyl Journal: Damage to Charmaine's carDamage to Charmaine's car (Image: Charmaine Turpin)

Charmaine said that this “avoidable” incident has caused “extreme anxiety, upset and stress”, as well as the financial impact of losing a car which she paid £4,000 for only five months ago.

Her retirement plan, she added, has now had to be put on hold, because she will need to take out a loan to replace her car.

She said: “I have contacted DCC multiple times, only to be told to seek legal advice - again, at my cost.

“(It is an) appalling attitude, and shame on them. Thankfully, no-one was injured at a time of day when school children were making their way to school.

“I'm going to seek legal advice. It’s shocking.”

Rhyl Journal: The council lorry also involved in the incidentThe council lorry also involved in the incident (Image: Charmaine Turpin)

In response, a DCC spokesperson said: “This collision was reported to our insurers on September 8 and is proceeding in the usual way.

“We have accepted liability, and all transactions will be dealt with between our insurance company and the third party.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to the driver as a result of the incident.

“In addition, the circumstances of the incident are being investigated internally in line with council procedures.”