A DIGGER somehow got stuck under the roof of a petrol station in Rhyl last weekend.

The JCB digger became pinned to the Morrisons petrol station roof on Sunday, 10 September.

One resident said the people responsible were “stood there scratching their heads”, before the machinery was later saved from its sticky situation.

But that did not stop residents from questioning how the incident took place, with one saying: “It's weird that it got under the front lip and then got stuck, the roof must be a lot lower at the back than the front.”

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Another resident said: “I saw it, they were stood looking like idiots trying to figure out how he did it and how to get it out again.”

A third added: “Just take some air out of the tyres, it will drive out then.”

Another questioned how if it got in, it couldn’t get out, saying: “It clearly went in ok, just reverse.”

Morrisons were approached for comment.