A MUM enjoying newlywed life has offered her support to an old ruin which has secured an entertainment and alcohol licence.

Jill Adamson and her partner Nick Clitheroe, of Rhyl, tied the knot during the first civil wedding ceremony at Gwrych Castle last month.

The couple, both 60, were only able to hold their main service at the old ruin as at the time, the late-night licence to sell alcohol and play music was not yet in place

Rhyl Journal: Guests had a amazing scenic walk up to the wedding venue!Guests had a amazing scenic walk up to the wedding venue! (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)

This changed earlier this month and the site - which hosted I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2020 and 2021, can now host live and play recorded music and provide late-night refreshments indoors and outdoors until 11pm between Sunday and Thursday and until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Jill, who had her evening reception at the White House in Rhuallt, said: "If we had been able to, we wouldn't have left the castle. If we could have had the whole day there, we would have done. They have the big dining room which would have easily accomodated 100 people for a party and then you could have had a marquee on the lawn. It would have been great. 

"In saying that - the White House was perfect for us as we could stay but I am chuffed for pieces for Gwrych Castle [that they have secured the licence]. It is the most fantastic venue and what people don't realise, those that oppose the licence, is that the money that they make on these weddings goes back to the trust for the renovations. It is for the restoration of the site. People who pay and host their weddings there, they are supporting the restoration project. It is a charity.

"Who wouldn't want to get married in a castle?

"I'm excited for them. I hope this is the start of something really big for them."

Speaking about her wedding day, on May 19, Jill said: "It was amazing, better than expected. It was so beautiful. 

Rhyl Journal: Jill with her bridesmaidsJill with her bridesmaids (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)

"Dolly's Pin Ups did our hair and all our make-up and they were fabulous. I'm addicted now to false eyelashes! 

"The castle looked stunning. The room, we decorated ourselves. 

"Everyone who was there was like personally involved. My son gave me away [Alistair Dodd] and we had about 40 guests. After we had finished the ceremony, we opened the big doors and went into the courtyard. 

"I felt like a princess."

Rhyl Journal: Guests gather in the courtyardGuests gather in the courtyard (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)


Jill added: "It is really strange calling Nick my husband. I haven't got use to it yet.

"We are both still just wedding excited. Euphoric! It is such a lovely feeling to have a husband."

The wedding signalled the start of a new 'fairytale' chapter for the Jill and Nick after a period of great sadness; Nick's wife Sarah died from ovarian cancer 10 years ago.

Prior to the wedding, Jill, Rhyl Journal camera club member, told the Journal: "Things are never easy. Life takes different turns.

"A long time ago, Nick started working for my ex-husband in our garage when I was married.

Rhyl Journal: Jill at Gwrych Castle on her wedding dayJill at Gwrych Castle on her wedding day (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)

"He had a wife then called Sarah and a son called Zak. Zak is the same age as my daughter Natalie. I have an older son too called Alistair.

"Sarah and I started to become friends as Nick was working with my ex-husband in the garage. We all then became friends and started going out together. 

"I got divorced and during this time, Nick and Sarah helped me to move out. 

Rhyl Journal: Jill and Nick have been through a lot togetherJill and Nick have been through a lot together (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)

"I worked with Sarah in a mail order company. We continued to be friends.

"Sarah became really poorly with ovarian cancer. She had two bouts of it. The first one she recovered from, she was in remission, the second one she didn't... and she passed away 10 years ago next month.

"I had been in a hideous relationship with somebody else. I got over that one and then decided I was never ever again getting involved with anybody else because I was done - finished. 

"At one point, Sarah and Nick went down to Pembrokeshire for a kite surfing lesson and broke his leg. He came home with Sarah and she was still unwell. I had to take the pair of them to the hospital - Nick for his plaster appointment and Sarah for her chemotherapy. I went through Sarah dying with him and I helped him with the funeral arrangements.

Rhyl Journal: Jill walks down the aisle with her sonJill walks down the aisle with her son (Image: Submitted by Jill Adamson for use)

"After Sarah died, Nick was on his own and I was on my own and we decided we were both free agents and we started going out doing stuff together. At that point, we weren't an item - just friends. 

"We have had a few wobbles, we have got over them. We grew together as a couple. Nick moved in with me because he sold his house in Rhyl. He moved in with me and I was living in Ruthin and we lived there for a couple of years and then we decided we could buy a house in Rhyl together because it was cheaper than paying rent. 

"Completely out of the blue we got engaged on the beach in Rhyl, last September.

"I never thought Nick would want to get married again. He and Sarah had a lovely relationship and then he proposed.  

"It is like a fairytale ending. You don’t get many like that.”