POLICE are investigating reports of a teenage girl being approached by a man on a beach in Prestatyn last week.

A witness reported that this took place at about 9.30pm on Saturday, May 27 on Prestatyn Central beach.

The witness said that the girl involved told him that she did not know the man who approached her and had never seen him before.

It is understood that the girl was aged 17.


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The witness said: “As we were heading home near the crossroads, as you would turn down towards the Nova, we witnessed a girl almost getting snatched by a man. 

“We instantly saw the fear on the poor girl’s face as she quickly turned around facing us to try and get away from him.

“We asked if she was OK, with my friend locking arms with her, and we all carried on walking to get her to safety. The poor girl was shaking with fear.

“We tried our best to reassure her than she was now safe and continued to walk her home, walking her to her front door.

“My friend and I are just very glad that we were there at the right time to scare them off.

“The man was with a friend who was taking things out of his boot. They were driving a dark green BMW, with blacked out windows and black alloys.

“Unfortunately, we did not get a number plate as the boot was open. It all happened very quickly but they were both wearing all black, and black caps, too.”

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North Wales Police have said the force will step up patrols in the area and has been in contact with the girl and her family.

Anyone who witnesses similar incidents has also been urged to report them to the force.

District Inspector Kevin Smith said: “We are aware of an incident in Prestatyn on Saturday, in which a car containing several men has been reported to approach a young woman.

“Officers responded to these reports to identify the vehicle involved and have been in contact with the young woman and her family, following what was clearly a distressing incident.

“We continue to act in line with their wishes.

“Women and girls should always feel safe in their community, and we would encourage anyone to report further concerns to the police. 

“Street harassment is never acceptable, and there will be increased patrols in the area over the coming days for reassurance purposes.”