A PROUD Rhuddlan grandmother felt emotional as she watched the coronation knowing that her granddaughter was playing a crucial role. 

Georgine Gray, 84, of Rhuddlan, watched the Coronation of King Charles III at home on Saturday, May 6. 

Her granddaughter Gunner Bethan Roberts, 19, was among those manning the traditional 13-pounders and attended the parade on horseback.

Bethan became a member of the famous mounted King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery after completing her initial army training in Yorkshire.

Georgine said: "I was on my own watching the Coronation and sadly, I couldn't see Bethan. They didn't do any close ups of faces really. It was a big thing for a 19-year-old.

"When the big bangs came [the six-gun salute to mark King Charles III's coronation], the tv cameras had moved into Westminster Abbey. 


"I found it very emotional watching the Coronation. I thought back to my childhood and the Queen's Coronaton. 

"I thought it was wonderful."

Bethan, who is daughter of Georgine's eldest son Andrew, was already a keen horsewoman before joining the army.

In addition to her equine skills, she is also an accomplished trumpeter and took part in the ceremonial fanfare.

Bethan's father, mum Christine, sister Cerys, 22, and friends and relatives also tuned into the coronation coverage.

Georgine added: "I'm not sure if she has had a chance to speak with her mum and dad yet, she is so busy, but they were so proud and I'm proud. I shared the news on a Rhuddlan Facebook group and people have been so lovely and so supportive. It is marvellous."

"I know Beth, whose late grandfather, Glyn Roberts, was for many years chief photographer for the Rhyl Journal, will be happy to know her step-grandad Norman 'grampy' Gray was also instrumental in supporting her career."