A RHYL soldier and her husband who met while on deployment in Iraq will be marching to the same tune during the Coronation of King Charles III. 

Jenna and Andrew Willis are a military couple used to being in lock step together after meeting 15 years ago while deployed overseas.

But this week the married pair will parade together as they, and thousands of other troops, prepare to take part in the largest ceremonial event this country has seen in 70 years.

Both Staff Sergeant Jenna and Warrant Officer Class Two Andrew are part of the Royal Signals contingent that joins the myriad other cap badges across all three Services of the Armed Forces.

Rhyl Journal: Sergeant Jenna and Warrant Officer Class Two Andrew are part of the Royal Signals contingent.Sergeant Jenna and Warrant Officer Class Two Andrew are part of the Royal Signals contingent. (Image: Submitted)

Preparations have been taking place this week as every element of the Armed Forces go through final drill rehearsals.

Jenna has been busy all week preparing at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst alongside Andrew.

“It’s a unique moment in our nation’s history,” said Jenna.

She said: “Even here at Sandhurst, you get a sense of the enormity of the occasion.

"We’re among thousands of troops, all with one objective and we’re very proud to be part of it all.”

Jenna, who has been in the military for 21 years, met Andrew while on deployment in Iraq in 2007. They got married shortly afterwards and are mum and dad to Emily, aged nine, and Henry, aged six.

The couple both serve in 11 (Royal School of Signals) Signal Regiment, based in Blandford in Dorset.


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Their romance started while sharing a milkshake overseas.

Jenna said: “We used to meet up because there were six of us deployed from our unit in Iraq at that time, but we were based in different areas and used to meet up once a week for a milkshake at the main base and we got to know each other quite well. When we got back in 2008, that’s when me and Andrew started our relationship.

“I always had it in my head to join either the police or the Army. My sister was in the Army at the time, but because of the age limit of joining the police I joined the Army at 16.”

Jenna has also served in Afghanistan and was based in Germany for 12 years.

Andrew, of Oxfordshire, said: “For me, I really wanted to travel the world and also gain a trade. I’ve been on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and exercises all over the world and was also based and lived in Germany for eight years.


“There are so many opportunities and challenges the Army brings. One day you could be out in Kenya setting up communications or power sources and the next you could be here, like we are, in Sandhurst doing rehearsals for what will be the biggest military event the country’s ever seen.

“It’s an amazing and historic event to be part of and one we can tell our kids and our grandkids in years to come when they’re older, how we were both serving, we were both there and we were both part of it. We’re really lucky to have so much support from our family.

“They are incredibly proud and they’ll all gather around the television with our kids to watch it. The unit has arranged a street party around the Mess to watch the event also.”

Jenna said: “So much hard work has gone into making everything spot on. That’s what the Army does, because it’s all about preparation.

"It’ll all be worth it and it’s going to be an incredible occasion.”