This week it was confirmed that the public will be invited to pledge  to King Charles as part of his coronation at the weekend.

It comes as part of the modernisation of the coronation which will see the first female clergy as well as the public being given an active role in the ancient ceremony for the first time.

The first ever Homage of the People has been described by Lambeth Palace as being a “sense of a great cry around the nation and around the world of support for the King.”

Here in North Wales opinion was devided about the pledge.

We asked readers whether they would be making the pledge.

Here are some of the responses: 

Gem Sarah: "Nope but I will enjoy the extra day off."

David Cooper: "I will be washing my hair." 

Ivor Lewis: "Yes!! We need the Royals!!! Otherwise we will end up with a dictator!!! It makes my mind boggle. To think there's a few waiting in the wings!!! Just saying."

Stephen Duncan: "No absolutely not. Cannot stand the vile excuse of a man."

Brian Paul: "No."

Tony O'Reilly: "Only if King Charles lll is a greyhound running in 7.20 at Belle Vue."

Ian Cole: "No chance. Never liked the taste of leather."

Nigel Hobdey: The Prince's Trust has done fantastic things for people who are disabled mental health drugs alcohol problems young affenders etc and gets he was a bad person I'de say no. He hasent a choice on a lot of things but is he good for the UK. I'd say yes."

Pat Thomas: "Yes."

Marissa Williams: "Yes."

Carol Grogan: "Yes."

Clwyd Edwards: "It’s not often I’m happy to be working on a Saturday, this is definitely one of those days."

Debs Hollingworth: "If I have to go down on one knee its not happening as I'd never get up again." 

Adele Thomas: "The Welsh language version of the pledge has an error. Instead of swearing allegiance, it has cursing allegiance. If the former Prince of Wales can't even ensure that his minions get our language correct, why should we feel that we owe the monarchy anything at all?"

Lorraine Davies: "Yes." 

Sue Williams: "Definitely."

Ann Flavell: "Most certainly!"

David Jones: "He’s the King of England, I’m Welsh so No I won’t." 

Peter J Vaughan: "Not a chance. He interferes too much in politics and the safety and security and well being of the British public is the last thing on his agenda."

Gill Pierce: "Yes."

Janet Law: "No way. Neither Charlie boy or Camilla are fit to be head of state. He should have abdicated and let William and Kate who I think are in touch with real issues affecting this country reign."

Michelle Macdonald: "Certainly not!"

Andy Tomo Tomlinson: "Nope he’s part of the problem like the rest of the corrupt elites."

Sarah Mccoole: "Nope."

Michelle Hughes: "No way."

Evelyn Ellis: "Nope."

Ann Leah Wallace: "Yes."

Myra Hughes: "No."

Idris Williams: "No."

Morwenna Jones: "No chance."